"Even though he's an ambitious person, he's still a big crybaby"

Bak Chang is my second favorite character. I have a soft spot for vain men who try to act cool but are just big emotional crybabies who are also easily embarrassed. Here is a bit of information about him taken from both D.Gray-man character books. Translated by my late friend Eden.

Age: 29/30

Ethnicity: Chinese/German

Height: 168cm

Birthday: November 11

Zodiac: Scorpio

Likes: The Sealed Door Chamber, Studying, Wong, His own face
Dislikes: Mazes, snakes, His hives, Leverrier, Unreasonable violence


Although he serves the Order as the Director of the Asian Branch, his character reflects his origins as the son of a well-to-do noble family.

On the surface he appears to have a solemn and dignified attitude, but in front of people who are close to him his more self-centered, egotistic side emerges.

His heart is surprisingly delicate. Because of his sensitive constitution, if he gets overly excited or depressed a rash of hives will appear all over his face. It seems like he also loses his cool and starts making a racket every time this happens.

On one hand he seems like an arrogant person whose only ambition is to rise through the Order's ranks, but when he starts crying it becomes all the more apparent that he has a good heart.

Bak's Day Off Survey

5:00 Get out of bed

Wong gently rouses me from sleep and prepares a cup of tea while I fix my flyaway hair. He then hands me some freshly ironed clothes and leaves me to get dressed.

7:30 Breakfast

The medical herbs in the congee my great-uncle Zuu makes are very good for one's health.

13:00 Organizing my collection

Tried to sort through some newly accumulated photographs of Lenalee but For kept pestering me.

17:00 Training

I'm confident it's thanks to my daily muscle training that I've been able to survive all the battles that have happened so far. Komui may have a lot of power in the Order, but in terms of physical strength I would definitely win!

21:00 Evening rounds

As I patrol the Branch I feel the presence of my parents and ancestors watching over me and it helps me find a sense of peace.

6:00 Morning rounds

I do a daily check around the Branch to make sure that nothing out of the ordinary has happened. I also use this opportunity to go greet For in the Sealed Door Chamber.

8:00 Reading

Went to the Archives to read books that were written by my ancestors. For showed up unexpectedly and started telling me about her memories of them.

15:00 Family Time

I have tea with my grand-uncle while he's on his break and listen as he reminisces and tells old stories.

19:00 Bath Time

Once in a while Wong comes in and helps me wash my back.

23:00 Go to bed

I hope I see Lenalee in my dreams tonight, and not Komui...!


♡♡ Bak my beloved ♡♡

Bak is such a wonderful little character. I gotta admit my first introduction to him was in the anime when I was a teenager, and I was drawn to him mostly because he was handsome lmao. I believe someone on the production team was in love with him because, if I am honest with myself he looked a little scraggly upon his first introduction in the novels and manga. Anime Bak was GORGEOUS by comparison.

Just like with Komui, Bak wasn't always at the top of my favorite characters back when I first read DGM, but by the time I reacquainted myself with the story back in 2015, I quickly became incredibly fond of him. Like Komui, despite being a minor character he is so rich in personality and background and there is so much you can infer about him as a character despite his limited appearances.

I don't know WHAT it is about vain and haughty men with hearts of gold in fiction but I see one and I want to eat them up. Bak is such a kind and caring person once you get past his prickly side it's hard for me not to love him. He tries to act cool and tough but he has a glass heart. Deep down I believe he's full of insecurities and I love that about him.

In a way, his entire creation was a joke to have him be a funny little man who wanted to usurp Komui's position. Somehow, this makes him all the more endearing to me.

You'll find Hoshino loves to bully him in the manga hahaha. It's easy to see she is quite fond of the character, as am I, because he is truly a gem of a man.