Links + Credits

All artwork on this shrine was drawn by Katsura Hoshino. Here are some links of interest as well as credits for assets used on this shrine.

Katsura_5600: Hoshino's instagram. She mainly posts photos of stationery and her cats, but you can also find some artwork in there.

Starbuds Presents: A group translating DGM from the beginning. Some early chapters that you can find online are a little crunchy and dated so I highly recommend this as a source for reading if you are interested. They are also recruiting people to put together a proper scanlation of those early chapters. (You can also read the official english by subscribing to v i z's online manga service, but I hate their translation of DGM so much so I don't recommend it even though I do own every v i z volume lmao)

Noche Artbook: Hoshino's one and only D.Gray-man artbook.

Mangadex: For reading your favorite mangoes.

page assets

♢ Circuitry background by: Gordon Johnson

♢ Fancy background by: Dorothe

♢ Rose background by: Almeida

♢ Gold Frame by: Bellinon

♢ Icons from: Iconify

♢ "A Decade and a Train Ride" (music from the KomuBak page) was commissioned from: Chae

If elements are too big for your screen zoom out!