"The Science Department supervisor who researches innocence, but is a screwball"

Komui Lee is my favorite character! I have always had a thing for megane men, but he is extra special to me. Here is a little bit of information about him taken from both D.Gray-man character books. Translated by my late friend Eden.

For an in depth character analysis check the KomuBak page!

Age: 29/30

Ethnicity: Chinese

Height: 193cm

Birthday: June 13

Zodiac: Gemini

Likes: Coffee, His Sister, Jerry-pon, Komurin, The Science Department
Dislikes: Keeping things tidy and organized, When Reever comes looking for him, the God who took his sister away


A capricious troublemaker who seems to bring complications into every room he walks into with his words and deeds. He's always finding ways to get out of doing his work.

The kind of person who is very much into doing things his own way and at his own pace!

He has an incredibly friendly disposition and the trust his subordinates have in him runs deep. However, he sometimes goes off the rails, which causes a huge amount of trouble for the rest of the Science Department. Their feelings towards him are 99% trust and 1% murderous intent.

Komui's Day Off Survey

6:00 Inventing

It's morning! Ah, look at all that work piled up on my desk!! Good thing I stayed up late perfecting my Komuvitan formula!! yay! ♫

8:00 Failed Experiment

It appears the experiment was a failure. Looks like Reever and co. have come to apprehend me. Komuriiiin!

15:00 Getting Lectured

Reever found my hiding place and started scolding me. He's scary~! And his lectures are always so long~!

19:00 Bath Time

I'd better go and have a proper bath so Lenalee doesn't hate me!

27:00 Inventing

The night's still young!

7:00 Experiment

Let's try my latest formula on one of the scientists that collapsed over there!

10:00 Sewing

Ha! That ought to keep Reever busy for a while. I really need to put the finishing touches on that new pillowcase I made for Lenalee!!

18:00 Dinner

Looks like there are calorie bars on today's menu, but eating just feels like such a waste of time you know?

21:00 Messing around with machines

Ah! It'd be a crime to put a lid on all this creative genius!! I'm going to make a new robot!!


♡♡ I am in LOVE with Komui Lee ♡♡

Where to even START with Komui. He is the love of my life! A wonderful man inside and out. Eden and I always used to joke that everyone at the order is probably a little bit in love with him, because have you seen the man?

On the second volume of DGM, on Kanda's profile, Hoshino made the comment "It's not easy drawing beautiful people." which always makes me laugh because she created Komui! And he has been beautiful right from the start. Despite my deep attachment to him now, it actually took me being an adult to actually appreciate him fully and understand all the facets this character had to offer. Back when I picked DGM up as a teenager, I wasn't as fond of him. I never disliked him, but he sure as hell wasn't my favorite character then.

Although he is a minor character, Komui has so much personality and development. He has so many details and quirks about him that just make him absolutely endearing. Like the fact that he is always wearing house slippers instead of shoes, because his feet will smell and Lenalee doesn't like that lmao. It's something I deeply like about Hoshino's writing; she puts so much love into even the smallest details.

Believe it or not Komui used to be a fan favorite back in the day! Even making 5th place at one of the earlier dgm character polls for the manga. Since then, he's fallen a bit to the wayside with introduction of new characters, but he remains #1 in my heart.

Are you in love with him yet?