: A Patchwork Melody :

I put together this playlist some time after Eden passed away. We had always wanted to make a KomuBak playlist and would always send each other songs that could fit their dynamic and story, but somehow never got around to actually making a concrete list.

After looking around my chat history with her for some days I decided to finally make this playlist in her memory. I think character/ship playlists usually consist of 8-12 songs, but I found it nearly impossible to choose so few to emcompass the 10 years of history that Komui and Bak have together, so in the end this ended up being 2 hours long. The song order follows the ups and downs of their relationship path during those 10 years. I like to play this on the anniversary of Eden's passing and on her birthday. It is my hope that she would have liked it.

To listen use the player above or check out the playlist on youtube or spotify below.