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OCT.9 1990 - FEB.6 2020

In Loving Memory


Some select artwork for her that I've both made and commissioned from other people.

If you've made some artwork for her and would like for me to display it here, you can email me at


The following screenshots are from my Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, where I built a memorial space for Eden.

I received help from some kind players who donated rare flowers to plant in her space.
As you walk through her memorial the song "I Love You" plays in the background.

A previous design of her memorial space.

And some visitors who were kind enough to send me their screenshots.



I visited Eden again today to offer birthday wishes and sit with her a bit. The blossoms were falling, making her grave look very lovely.

I only knew of her work through collaborations with wasongo, and with how busy I was with college and work I never got to sit down and read a lot of her work properly. So I’m taking some time to do that today!

What I have read so far is all around charming and one work I’ve really enjoyed The Three-Ringed Path. She had a wonderful way with coupling characterization and movement which made the characters practically jump off the page (especially Komui)! Her writing was vivid, full of life, and you could feel the joy she put into her work. And I think Andy did a wonderful job of portraying that through his art. I loved seeing them work together on the Askbak blog, especially during the anniversary and birthday events.


My interactions with Eden were few and in between but, during those first years of the 2010 decade, she was amongst the ones who brought joy every time to my tumblr dashboard, and one of the reason I came to tumblr in the fist place really.

I dearly enjoyed her beautiful art, her musings, the AUs she worked on, her joyful interactions with friends and other members of the fandoms, her dog, even her translation works, all in the silliness of Hetalia, Magi, and D. Gray-Man to cite a few series.

She will be missed dearly and my thoughts are with her friends and family.


Keeping Eden in my thoughts today. Her works, especially Three-Ringed Path, had a huge role in getting me into dgm years ago. She was an incredibly bright presence. I'm really grateful to have known her, even briefly.


Her series Paradigm Shift is actually what got me hooked on komubak and I just kept coming back for more. You are missed.


I infrequently visited the Ask Komubak tumblr. Every year or so I'd come back and catch up, read all the new comics, read any new fics. I did not know Eden personally, but my heart hurts knowing that she is gone.


I never knew Eden, but I knew how much you cared for her and I was always delighted to hear the stories you shared and the worlds you made. I have Eden in my thoughts and prayers. 🌸🌺🌷

Thank you so much for visiting this memorial space.
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