Here are all of Eden's published D.Gray-man fics.

Even if she is not with us anymore, if you read her works and enjoy them I would love if you left her a comment.

Caught (NSFW) [AO3] [TUMBLR]

“So here’s the thing,” Komui said. “I’m bored with being patient with you, you’re really hot when you’re angry and I don’t mind if you want to be on top because I’m really good at following directions if there’s, ah… proper motivation.

Strike a Pose [AO3] [TUMBLR]

Komui convinces Bak to stay the night. This isn’t what he imagined waking up to.

Thunder and Lightning (NSFW) [AO3] [TUMBLR]

In which Bak Chang has incredible thighs and Komui Lee wants to be right in the middle of that storm.

Kisses [AO3] [TUMBLR]

Shortfic. A stolen moment in a dark corner of Headquarters.

On the Doorstep [AO3] [TUMBLR]

Komui had never considered leaving the Order with more than what he had come for in the first place; his sister.

Freckles (NSFW) [AO3] [TUMBLR]

A PWP set during the same timeline as On the Doorstep, wherein Bak spends so much time in the sun he starts to freckle and Komui finds it adorable.

Six Thousand Miles from Home (NSFW) [AO3] [TUMBLR]

Modern AU. A lazy morning in bed before Bak has to depart London and catch his flight back to Shanghai.

A Touch of Lace (NSFW) [AO3] [TUMBLR]

In which Bak sometimes wears expensive lingerie in the bedroom and it’s almost too much to bear.

Spellbinding (NSFW) [AO3] [TUMBLR]

Everyone knows the story. He is descended from a German sorcerer who helped found the Black Order.
Of course, no one knows about the part in which he makes the most of that legacy by using ancient Chang family binding seals to stick Komui Lee to the headboard of his own bed, and he’d like to keep it that way.

Akash [AO3] [TUMBLR]

He is given his 23rd name two seasons after his 10th birthday.

Cinders [AO3] [TUMBLR]

Life doesn't always have a fairytale ending but that doesn't mean you can't make do with what you've got. They have each other, and to Komui Lee that is more than enough.

The Three-Ringed Path [AO3] [TUMBLR]

The best things come in threes. This includes the number of days a full moon is visible, how many chances you get to propose to your on again/off again not-boyfriend and the number of times the Black Order will have been destroyed by next Sunday.

Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain) [AO3] [TUMBLR]

In which they are young, naive and 10 years away from finding each other. Komui makes his fair share of promises and Bak just wants to see the world before taking up his mother’s mantle.

Komui Birthday Fic [TUMBLR]


The couch sank slightly as another person sat down on the edge of the seat and shook his shoulder firmly. Komui stirred slightly but didn’t move. The couch was far too comfortable and he couldn’t bear the thought of going back to his paperwork.

Calloused fingers raked the hair from his forehead, tucking it behind his ear before shaking his shoulders again, harder this time.

“Get up, you’re going to get a crick in your neck again.”

The mountains beneath the moon [AO3] [TUMBLR]

Bak hatches a plan for the Mid-Autumn Festival. It's great, as far as plans go. This one might even work, provided Komui doesn't catch on and ruin it for everybody.

The Best Practice Guide on Office (Relationships) Management (NSFW) [AO3] [TUMBLR]

Komui invites Bak over to look around New Headquarters but trying to get him alone is apparently easier said than done.