Assets I have used on my site, made by others

Pixel Dividers by Nathan Brown

Menu Icons by Nathan Brown

Accordion CSS by Redesigned

Load Image on Click by Costdev

Links for iFrames by Melon

BG textures by Transparent Textures

Pixel assets by Web*Citron and Mazewan

KomuBak Pixel Sprite commissioned from Pixel Benny

Envelope Pixel by Blanket Fort

Tunes around the site:
Kirk Osamayo - Cambo

Komui and Bak decals are from D.Gray-man, by Katsura Hoshino


Learning tools, resources, and other handy things


Free Frontend

Wonderful site with lots of web resources!

CSS Clip-Path Maker

Image Map Generator

RSS Builder: Easily make your RSS feed

Feedbro: Firefox feed reader extension

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