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◈ UPDATE 3/23/23: 24 new birds in Bird Collection.

◈ UPDATE 3/12/23: New art in Other/MP100, Other/Misc, DGM NSFW, Ososan NSFW, and .Hack NSFW galleries.

◈ UPDATE 2/24/23: Tons of new birds in Bird Collection. 1 new hidden card.

◈ UPDATE 2/22/23: 1 page added to BotW NSFW gallery. Music added to NSFW gallery.

◈ UPDATE 2/11/23: Made a landing page!

◈ UPDATE 2/8/23: New birds in Bird Collection.

◈ UPDATE 2/6/23: Added an art section to my Eden page.

◈ UPDATE 2/5/23: Added To Do list and made cosmetic changes to the homepage. Updated About Me.



Thanks for visiting my little space on the world wide web!

Here you'll find my artwork gallery which is mostly fanart, some personal pages with things I like, and maybe even some cool links to check out. My gallery here will be updated more frequently and will have more art than my social media as I try to distance myself from algorithms and engagement numbers. I hope you enjoy your time here! Consider subscribing to my RSS feed for Art Gallery updates.

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Please do not repost, edit, or use any of the artwork you find here without my permission.

Notice Board

Looking to get some music pieces done for some pages on my website! I am open to do an art trade (sfw or nsfw) or pay you if you aren't looking for a trade.

Looking for someone to help me format and design a KomuBak fanbook and a 58k Novel for printing. I plan on printing a very small batch of these in memory of my late friend Eden with whom I had originally planned these projects, and who wrote the novel. As such I am not looking to make a profit from them, but I am still willing to pay or trade art for any help given.

Please email me if you might be interested.

To do list:

  • Make a landing page
  • Update bird collection
  • Rework commission page
  • Make new stickers
  • Join some web-rings
  • DGM collection page
  • Favorite Characters
  • Super Metroid Shrine

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