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◈ UPDATE 11/26/23: 1 image added to Other-Misc Gallery.

◈ UPDATE 11/10/23: 1 image added to DGM Gallery.

◈ UPDATE 11/9/23: NSFW Gallery Update: 1 new drawing in Other, 2 new drawings in DGM.

◈ UPDATE 10/9/23: New art in Eden's Memorial. NSFW Gallery Update: 1 new drawing in BotW, 3 new drawings in DGM, 1 new drawing in Ososan. 4 new birds in Bird Collection. New links added.

◈ UPDATE 9/8/23: NSFW Gallery Update: 5 new drawings on DGM pg. 11, 6 new drawings in Ososan, 5 new drawings in Other. Latest art previews added to NSFW Gallery.

◈ UPDATE 9/3/23: 3 images added to DGM gallery, 1 image added to Other-Misc gallery. Latest art previews and Weekly Card Hint added to welcome page.

◈ UPDATE 8/3/23: I have a new wonderful music track playing on Eden's memorial courtesy of Octo! Added "About Site" section to my About Me page. Added webrings to main page.

◈ UPDATE 7/12/23: NSFW Gallery Update: 1 new BotW page, 1 new Other page, 1 new DGM drawing on pg.11.

◈ UPDATE 7/7/23: Added widget to my homepage. I am now in with the cool crowd. Moved DMMD art to its own gallery.

◈ UPDATE 7/5/23: I have 3 new site buttons to choose from if you want to link back to me!

◈ UPDATE 7/1/23: 4 new birds in Bird Collection. 3 new stickers for Sticker Sheet Club.

◈ UPDATE 6/19/23: Fixed some wonkyass scripts (hopefully). Added NavLink Ads to welcome page. 1 new card added to site.

◈ UPDATE 6/8/23: 8 new birds in Bird Collection. New art in Eden's Memorial.



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Looking to get some music pieces done for some pages on my website! I am open to do an art trade (sfw or nsfw) or pay you if you aren't looking for a trade.

Currently open for art trades! At the moment I am only looking to trade for pixel art and website layouts since I'd like to get some KomuBak and DGM pixels to display around my website and get some basic layout setup and nice color palettes for my DGM AU pages. Please have samples of your work ready if you might want to trade!

Email me if you might be interested or would like more detailed information.

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Hey... that bird looks like a mango!

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