Recent Updates

◈ UPDATE 2/2/23: 2 new pages added to the DGM NSFW gallery. 3 new pages added to the Osomatsu-san NSFW gallery.

◈ UPDATE 1/30/23: Added a DGM shrine! 5 new cards have been added to my website.

◈ UPDATE 1/14/23: Added YOU section, with Sticker Sheet Club and Graphics pages.

◈ UPDATE 1/12/23: Huge gallery update over at SFW ART/Other.

◈ UPDATE 1/8/23: Added 2 new pages: Hidden Cards and Collection. Cosmetic changes on some pages.

◈ UPDATE 12/29/22: Added a new page for my late friend Eden.



Thanks for visiting my little space on the world wide web! Here you'll find my artwork gallery which is mostly fanart, some personal pages with things I like, and maybe even some cool links to check out. I hope you enjoy your time here! You'll need javascript enabled for certain things to display correctly around my site.
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Notice: I'm currently looking to get some music pieces done for some pages on my website! I am open to do an art trade (sfw or nsfw) or pay you if you aren't looking for a trade. Please email me if you might be interested.

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