Komui Lee

  • Fire
  • Lust/Sloth
  • Pureblood

A sponsored lilin harvester seeking to enter government rank. He holds a particular interest in human technology and engineering.

Bak Chang

  • Earth
  • Pride/Lust/ Gluttony
  • Half-blood

A lilin harvester of royal blood and the current head of the Chang Clan. Originally a pride demon; now holds 3 synthesized affinities

Lenalee Lee

  • Air
  • Greed
  • Pureblood

Komui's little sister and the assigned soldier from the Lee family. Currently living on military grounds.

Yuu Kanda

  • Fire
  • Wrath/Sloth
  • Hybrid

One of the first successful hybrids created by the Chang clan. A soldier currently living on military grounds.

Alma Karma

  • Water
  • Wrath/Envy
  • Hybrid

A hybrid whose regeneration ability did not transfer upon creation. Though initially assigned to be a soldier, now works under Bak.


  • Spirit
  • Pride/Lust
  • Pureblood

A Reaper harvester of the Arima clan.

Allen Walker

  • Light
  • Pride
  • Fallen Angel

Exiled from Heaven and taken in by General Cross. Underwent affinity assignment to fully pass as a demon. Currently a soldier on military grounds.

Marian Cross

  • Dark
  • Sloth
  • Pureblood

An army general with tremendous power. A master of dark magicks.

Howard Link

  • Air
  • Gluttony
  • Pureblood

Able to use several elemental magicks through Chang clan talismans.