Eden and I liked to talk about many different DGM (read: komubak) AUs, often coming up with ones that never went beyond simple ideas or jokes we would go back to every once in a while. This one in particular did come from a joke. One that we really didn't expect to spiral out of control and become our dearest and most worked on AU project.

Though I cannot share with you all the world building that we did on it because it is scrambled together on a VERY lengthy gdoc document, I'll keep this page updated with some basic concepts and all the artwork that I drew and continue to make for this project.


Types of Demons

Demons are classified into 4 categories: pureblood, half-blood, human convert, and hybrid.
Hybrids are a special case: they are "artificial" demons created from a soul in limbo, demon blood, and a physical vessel.

Purebloods, half-bloods, and hybrids can be further classified by their affinities and elemental alignments which give demons different powers and affect personality and physical appearance.

Elemental Alignment