◈ UPDATE 2/2/23: 2 new pages added to the DGM NSFW gallery. 3 new pages added to the Osomatsu-san NSFW gallery.

◈ UPDATE 1/30/23: Added a DGM shrine! 5 new cards have been added to my website.

◈ UPDATE 1/14/23: Added YOU section, with Sticker Sheet Club and Graphics pages.

◈ UPDATE 1/12/23: Huge gallery update over at SFW ART/Other. Lots of old fanworks added.

◈ UPDATE 1/8/23: Added 2 new pages: Hidden Cards and Collection. Cosmetic changes on some pages.

◈ UPDATE 12/29/22: Added a new page for my late friend Eden.

◈ UPDATE 12/25/22: Most of the site is finally mobile friendly. I can die in peace now.

◈ UPDATE 12/24/22: R18 gallery has been moved to a new shinier page!

◈ UPDATE 12/15/22: Changes are mostly complete! I have added Content Warning click-throughs for potential nudity in the SFW gallery and for more far out kinks in the R18 gallery. Should you wish to see this content, you just have to click on the warnings.

◈ UPDATE 12/14/22: Site will be undergoing big changes, please sit tight if things look broken for a bit.

◈ UPDATE 11/29/22: DGM SFW and NSFW gallery update.

◈ UPDATE 11/9/22: DGM SFW and NSFW gallery update. Also made the update log scrollable!

◈ UPDATE 10/3/22: Osomatsu-san gallery update.

◈ UPDATE 9/8/22: DGM NSFW gallery update. Demon AU page added.